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ATI fglrx proprietary driver problems

November 14, 2008

I know many hate ATI+Linux, but I’m not a gamer and usually run linux by command line only. I have a ATI 9600 Pro AGP video card that I’ve been using in one of my MythTV frontend’s for years. In order to play high definition resolutions (720p 1080i) I need to use ATI’s proprietary linux [...]

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Replacing a failed drive in a software raid without rebooting

October 22, 2008

I lost a drive in one of my servers this week. Well, didn’t lose it completely, but SMART errors were piling up. The drive was a SATA disk on /dev/sda, the boot disk. It hosted RAID 1 /boot, swap space, and RAID 5 /. These are the steps I took to replace it with no [...]

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