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ATI fglrx proprietary driver problems

November 14, 2008

I know many hate ATI+Linux, but I’m not a gamer and usually run linux by command line only. I have a ATI 9600 Pro AGP video card that I’ve been using in one of my MythTV frontend’s for years. In order to play high definition resolutions (720p 1080i) I need to use ATI’s proprietary linux […]

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Transcode movies using MEncoder and x264

April 4, 2008

These are the steps I follow to rip a DVD and transcode it to a high-quality AVI file for TV playback. (Using MythTV, it’s just a single step and is easy enough for my kids to rip a movie using just the remote, but I’ll detail that in another post.) I start with a VOB […]

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