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Embed an image in CDO e-mail

October 29, 2008

I had the need to generate nicely formatted e-mails from a website (IIS, ASP), which meant using images. Often times linked images are blocked from view by default in mail clients. Embedded images in HTML e-mail are more difficult to block within the client, but may be blocked at the SPAM/Filtering gateway level, especially if [...]

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Replacing a failed drive in a software raid without rebooting

October 22, 2008

I lost a drive in one of my servers this week. Well, didn’t lose it completely, but SMART errors were piling up. The drive was a SATA disk on /dev/sda, the boot disk. It hosted RAID 1 /boot, swap space, and RAID 5 /. These are the steps I took to replace it with no [...]

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