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Homemade E-Mail Server Using CentOS + Postfix + Courier + More

February 23, 2011

A while back I built an e-mail server for a company. Using CentOS, Postfix, Courier and MySQL, it ended up being very functional, supporting SMTP, POP3, IMAP, SSL, Webmail and more. Outlook is the primary desktop client used by the company, iPhones and Androids are used, and I also used Roundcube for webmail access. The [...]

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Restart iSCSI Target in Linux Gracefully

February 21, 2011

Anyone using iSCSI targets in Linux may have discovered what I have - restarting iscsi services causes a disconnect of all the attached initiators. This is true with the scsi-target-utils or the iscsitarget (IET) packages. I typically use an LVM logical volume for iSCSI LUN’s. Occasionally I need to resize them, but the client [...]

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Speed up RDS Gateway Initial Connection

February 3, 2011

Using a Remote Desktop Gateway (RDP over HTTPS) for Remote Desktop Services (RDS, or formerly known as Terminal Services) works great, except the initial connection time can be long, even up to 30-45 seconds. I discovered that this is because the RDP client attempts to connect over port 3389 first. If your firewall is designed [...]

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