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Goodbye, Vista

January 21, 2009

I tried. For over 2 years now I’ve tried to use Vista. I believed early on that it would improve, someday it will be standard on every computer, eventually you won’t be able to buy XP anymore, etc. I believed that I needed to use it in order to better support my customers with it. I believed lots of things, but I don’t believe anymore.

86 hours. That’s the time I have waited the last two years. Over two work-weeks of waiting. Several thousand dollars of waiting. Waiting for what?  Waiting for my computer to resume from hibernation or cold boot. It takes about 10 minutes before my computer is usable. I have a modern laptop, T9300 proc, SATA2 HDD, 4 GB RAM, etc. Previously, I had another modern laptop, T7xxx proc, 4 GB RAM, etc. The hard drive light just won’t stop blinking for ten minutes, the stupid green circular icon keeps spinning. I can’t use standby overnight or else my battery is often near dead, if it even stays in standby that long, and sometimes I need my battery first thing in the AM.

Most computers still come with XP pre-installed. Some computers, specifically certain HP or Dell configurations, only come with XP installed. Most of my clients still use XP. Why? Because Vista offers nothing for businesses. What can businesses do now that they couldn’t do with XP? Nothing.

Now I have to wait for Windows 7 to save me, somehow recoup the 86 hours of time lost, but I’m not holding my breath. When I read an article that lists as one of its new great features: “maximized windows now feature transparent borders” as a new operating system highlight, I don’t really have much hope. Is Microsoft really going to rewrite their OS to remove the bulk that Vista added, or just hope that hardware is faster by the time it is released and therefore the time wasted will be reduced?

In a few short hours I will have upgraded to a previous, more reliable, and faster, operating system.

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